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Portrait Photographer in Bristol by Jefferson Studios

Portraits Bristol

Contemporary and Traditional Portrait Photographer Bristol is available for the individual or for the whole family.

Portrait Photographs are viewed in the studio one week after your shoot.

With any of our portrait photography sessions there are:

No sitting fees - No obligation to purchase –  No hard sell 

Once viewed – photographs can be purchased individually or in one of the money saving packages listed below. 

Canvas wrap and finished framed prints are also available. 

PORTRAIT PACKS Special offer 

Portrait Photographers Bristol 100Portrait Photographers Bristol 180

Portrait Photographers Bristol 225

Portrait Photographers Bristol 275

Portrait Photographers Bristol C.D



Four 7×5 Two 12×8 prints £100 a saving of £110
Four 7×5 Two 12×8 One 12×8 Framed or Canvass £180 a saving of £160
Four 7×5 Two 12×8 One 16×12 Framed or Canvass £225 a saving of £185
Four 7×5 Two 12×8 One 20×16 Framed or Canvass £275 a saving of £190

If you still want more add on some of these…..

Four 7×5 Two 12×8 £50
12×8 Prints £20
7×5 Print £10


Four 7×5 prints £100
Six 7×5 prints £135
Four 7×5 prints & One 12×8 Print £150
Two 7×5 & Two 12×8 prints & 4 Keyrings £175
Four 7×5 prints & Two 12×8 Prints £210
Two 7×5 & Two 12×8 & One 18×12 £265
Six 7×5 Three 12×8 4 Keyrings £320
Four 7×5 & Two 9×6 & Two 15×10 prints £345
Six 7×5 prints, Three 12×8 & One 20×16 £470


The following prices are discounted and will apply when you purchase one of the portrait packs above or when you buy four or more individual prints:

Prices per print:

6×4 £30
7×5 £30
9×6 £40
12×8 £55
15×10 £80
18×12 £105
20×16 £165

Jefferson Studios Photographers Bristol have over 40 years combined experience in the field of photography. They have built up a vast knowledge of all types of photography and have continued to adapt in order to stay at the forefront of ever changing photographic technology and style. Jefferson Studios photographers Bristol pride themselves on their experience, expertise and quality of service.

"Really friendly photographers, brilliant studio and no hard sell. Posed pouting, clandestine smiles or a simple passport photograph available in their studio. They capture your special day as though it is their own and I have no hesitation in recommending Jefferson Studios to everyone."

"They made my cousins wedding unforgettable. I recommend them as excellent wedding and portrait photographers."