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Restoration on old damaged prints

Restoration on old damaged prints

Sometimes you look at old photographs and memories rush into your head. We love images and the memories they hold. We like to remind ourselves of the great feats that we and our families have achieved, or remember our ancestors through a small frame in time. Sometimes these great memories can be washed away by the past.

That old picture that captured the beautiful moments often see cracks, tears, stains and discoloration with which the glory of the photograph slowly fades.

We make sure that your memories are preserved forever, we will be able to fix almost any sort of damage that your pictures may have sustained over the years. Why not have those pictures restored and keep those memories alive.


Bring Old photos back to life by having them digitally restored.

Depending on how much restoration needs doing cost can be anything from £5 – £20 But we will give you a final price on seeing the print.

We will also email you the digital file for you to store and send to friends and relatives.

Even very badly damaged prints can be restored. As long as enough detail remains, it doesn’t matter if the picture is in several pieces. We begin by selecting each individual piece and reposition the broken pieces, shifting them back into place like a jigsaw. When all the pieces are lined up, finish off by retouching the seams then fill in the gaps. All this is done digitally causing no further damage to your original print.
Once the image is restored we can also print them for you, at the great prices listed below

Coping prints that need no restoration

If you have lost your digital images or negatives and just want a copy of a print we can do that also. As there is no restoration work needed you just pay the print cost as listed below.

Print Size         Prices

6×4                     £2.00
7×5                     £3.50
8×6                    £5.00
12×8                   £8.00

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